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Our club is a great place to start! If you’re not quite sure if flying is for you, we offer introductory flights which allow you to experience the feeling of flying and see what it's all about - but have no obligation to sign up. However, in order to continue taking lessons through the club, you will need to become a member of the club. 

Once you have become a member, you can start training for your Private Pilots License (PPL) in our Piper Tomahawk (PA-38). You will certainly always remember your first solo, and the nerve wracking but exhilarating flight test when you gain your wings!

After you obtain your PPL, you can get a type rating onto some of our other aircraft and enjoy the privileges your license entails. There are many possibilities - cross country trips away for lunch with your friends & family, weekends away, competition flying and many more.  You can also decide to undertake further flying training to obtain a Multi-Engine Rating, Command Instrument Rating (so you can fly in weather conditions that standard PPL holders are not allowed to fly in), Commercial Pilots License (CPL) and Instructor Rating.

If you would like to become a member of our club and you are a current service member (Military personnel or civilian NZDF personnel working on an RNZAF Base), a sworn member of the NZ Police, an Air Training Corp member, Air Scout Member or a past service member who served at least 20 years, click the 'Apply' tab above. Limited civilian membership may also become available periodically. 

Once you've joined, you will have access to a range of resources available to our members which explain how our club operates and how to get up in the air. We also provide inductions to new members which help to explain various parts of the club to help you to book a flight and get flying.  

If you have any questions or wish to organise an introductory flight, feel free to contact the clubPlease note, our admin staff attend the office on Wednesdays so please allow some time for us to get back to you.



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